Client praises our Google Analytics work

Business Insider articleSo that’s what a “custom variable” does

Last month, Empirical Path and Google Analytics co-presented a webinar laying out the technical aspects of our work for a popular financial news publisher.  This month, that client tells their side of the story, in plain English no less.  Business Insider praises our web analytics work and explains how it helps them run their business:

“Like many web sites, Business Insider relies on Google Analytics to understand our (non-real-time) traffic. Until we started working with web analytics consultants Empirical Path, one of a select few who are Google Analytics Authorized, we assumed GA’s capabilities were limited to what you get “out of the box” when you install the GA tracking code. Empirical Path audited and overhauled our GA setup to provide major new insights into Business Insider visitors.”

Written by the business development executive we support, the article is a rare non-technical view of the benefits of customizing web analytics software and turning these data into recommendations.  Business Insider addresses two enhancements (“Page Types” and “Audience by Verticals”) that rely on the custom variables made famous in our webinar, as well as our work on tracking campaigns and events.

The sponsor post also promotes our special offer for Business Insider readers (their Silicon Alley Insider title attracts many of our dream clients)…a discounted web analytics audit.

Thank you Bridget and Julie for helping us demonstrate the value of our Google Analytics Authorized Consultant skills!

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