Client lands Federal master contract

Congratulations to Empirical Path’s first and most loyal client for bringing their social marketing focus to more Federal agencies.  Noral Group International, Inc. is a research-based public service advertising and social marketing firm that has been awarded a contract to join the U.S. General Services Administration’s Advertising and Integrated Marketing Schedule (AIMS):

GSA Contract

“As a small, woman-owned business with a proven track record of success, we are thrilled to be on the GSA Schedule.  We all know there are many advantages as a GSA contract holder.   For one, Noral will now be able to bid on projects often closed to us in the past.”

Noral’s relationship with Empirical Path established the model we use with non-competing agency clients: deep integration that includes participation in proposals, client work, and agency marketing.  Empirical Path helped deliver the results, prove the impact, and draft the case studies of the interactive projects included in Noral’s proposal to the GSA, enabling the DC firm to earn an award for the Web-based Marketing Special Item Number, 541-3.

Empirical Path launched in 2002 by joining Noral to boost subscriptions for a fitness publisher, then helped overseas trade publishers establish a U.S. web presence.  I have worked extensively on Noral’s integrated, multi-media social marketing campaign for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Kudos to Eva, Johanna, and the team for surpassing the GSA’s high standards and making it easy for Federal departments to leverage Noral’s expertise.

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