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Case Study: Head Start uses website data to drive marketing communication strategy

Challenge   The Office of Head Start charged its contractor Trans-management Corporation with improving the measurement and impact of website content and applications As schools began to close due to COVID-19, parents and educators clamored for information and advice on the OHS website to support new learning environments Leadership asked the Insights team to better understand […]

The Benefits of Analytics for the Public Sector

With unprecedented change unfolding around us daily, more people than ever are turning to public sector organizations for everything from services to information. This puts increasing pressure on government professionals to gather and use data efficiently for insights about the public’s needs. One area of particular importance in this moment of limited face-to-face contact is […]

Top Tips to Maximize Government Analytics by Expert Consultants

In this challenging time, government agencies are under more pressure than ever to put web and app analytics to work by creating insights that can help their stakeholders. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the biggest challenges in utilizing analytics for the public sector (based on our Federal agency, state university, tourism bureau, and business […]

Mitigate Sampled Data in Google Analytics, Make Smarter Decisions

Sampling occurs with Google Analytics reports that include a lengthy time frame or a large number of sessions (500k sessions at the property level for GA Free), when GA performs the calculation on a subset of data in order to deliver the report to you quickly.  If your data is fairly consistent, or if the […]

Publishers, Gauge How Users Interact with Your Content

All analytics platforms track how many visitors reach each page on your website. But content interaction is about so much more than page views. It’s about what users do once they get to a page. Content interaction should inform important decisions publishers make about how to invest in content and improve the user experience. More […]

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