Case Study: The Motley Fool Automates GA360 Reports Using Google Cloud Platform to Save Analysts Hours

Online financial publisher, The Motley Fool ( uses Google Analytics 360 for faster, accurate enterprise reporting


The Motley Fool (, a popular online financial publisher, reached out to Empirical Path with the following analytics and marketing measurement needs:

  • The Analytics team needed more accurate web analytics data for key reports.
  • The Business Intelligence (BI) team needed raw, unsampled data in its data warehouse for faster and more current reporting.
  • Report stakeholders needed user inputs added to shared reports for editing filters and date range options without coding.
  • For improved reporting accuracy had selected Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery to replace Adobe Visual Science.


Empirical Path Consultants worked closely with The Motley Fool Marketers and Analytics Managers to execute the following solutions:

  • Proposed a robust, automatically updating report template for replication and use across the organization.
  • Wrote BigQuery SQL code and modified it to accept dynamic user inputs (using the OWOX BI Google Sheets Add-On).
  • Defined the BigQuery GA360 data export requirements, including output schema, filters, dates and frequency.
  • Wrote Python scripts which collected unsampled GA360 data from BigQuery then transformed and uploaded it to Google Cloud Storage.
  • Hosted the Python scripts on a Compute Engine Virtual Machine Instance and scheduled automatic, daily data refresh.


  • The Motley Fool reclaimed an extra 20-25 hours per month to spend on more valuable analytics projects.
  • Analysts gained direct access to unsampled Google Analytics 360 data in their warehouse for integration with other enterprise datasets.
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