Case Study: Head Start uses website data to drive marketing communication strategy


  • The Office of Head Start charged its contractor Trans-management Corporation with improving the measurement and impact of website content and applications
  • As schools began to close due to COVID-19, parents and educators clamored for information and advice on the OHS website to support new learning environments
  • Leadership asked the Insights team to better understand which content audiences are searching for and consuming to shape future outreach and content production


  • Performed an analytics audit to identify opportunities for improving Google Analytics
  • Hosted discovery sessions, interviews and surveys to draft a shortlist of business objectives, goals and KPIs to be the backbone for new reporting dashboards
  • Outlined and executed a plan to update website tracking through Google Tag Manager for a more robust understanding of users’ interactions with the website
  • Identified SEO as a key initiative to boost awareness and ensure web content is found 
  • Created a 1-page report for the Head Start Governance team with visualizations that  highlighted the major changes in data, including significant increases in website usage
  • Delivered actionable insights about and analysis of visitation changes since schools began closing to guide agency responses to their users during the COVID-19 crisis


  • OHS leadership learned that users were primarily looking for Professional Development content, particularly videos
  • OHS shifted content production and communication to better support its audience by making more such resources available and making it easier for educators to access them
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