Case Study: Google Analytics 360 (Premium)

Client Overview and Challenge

Our client is one of the largest business news websites. Execs used many incomplete analytics tools, including GA with latent, sampled data; CMS data with little history; and Flurry and KISSmetrics in silos. They selected GA 360 to track more content segments, understand paths, count subscriptions, reduce sampling, ease analytics changes and automate reporting.

Google Analytics Premium Deployment

Empirical Path audited GA and found miscounted visits due to UTM and cross-domain errors, broken tracking of user actions, old Goal definitions, multiple Properties preventing roll-up and content analysis thwarted by URL issues.

We implemented Google Tag Manager to migrate GA Classic tracking and make urgent fixes, then removed legacy code. We defined reporting needs, segmentation schemes and conversions with execs.

For segmentation, the client exposed variables to label content, then we built GTM Variables to pass these into Content Groupings, Custom Dimensions and Triggers. We integrated DFP to retarget Segments defined in GAP, and BigQuery to report on an evolving list of native ad campaigns.

For conversions, we set relative Goal Values and scraped the DOM for GTM meta data, enabling Events to report on form completion by field and article scroll depth, as well as social sharing.

We deployed GTM on mobile apps and overseas sites, exporting one Container via the API into country-specific Containers to control access. We upgraded all sites to Universal Analytics so the user-ID feature could de-dupe paying subscribers. We also aggregated the brand’s worldwide audience across sites via a Roll-up Property.

Business Insights

Now the client uses Klipfolio, Google Sheets and GA reports to see the unsampled economic impact of all conversions — from four-figure subscriptions to social shares — along dimensions that are meaningful for its business: demographics, many content taxonomies, internal promotions, partnerships, etc. The paths to corporate subscriptions are understood via Data-driven Attribution, and users with strong interest in premium content are re-targeted via DFP.

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