Case Study: AZDS masters enhanced e-commerce for luxury hotels


  • AZDS Interactive Group specializes in interactive marketing and web development for luxury brands including numerous hospitality clients
  • AZDS has built a custom hotel booking engine on the SynXis platform and look to offer this experience to hundreds of hotels
  • Beyond providing an improved booking engine, AZDS would also like to present its clients with the ability to track the performance of their sites and related checkout experiences. 
  • AZDS needed to create a go-to-market offering that can be seamlessly implemented on any site using their booking engine.


  • Conducted a proof of concept for a single hotel developing the technical specification for each step in the booking engine
  • Provided guidance on how to create a javaScript dataLayer that can be applied globally to all websites
  • Enabled the capture of key room booking details on booking confirmation as enhanced e-commerce product details including arrival/departure date, upgrades, guest counts and more. 
  • Ensured that Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce report is accurately capturing room performance data (views and checkouts at room name level or room type category)
  • Setup and validate each step in checkout including date selection, select room & rates, and guest details and confirmation
  • Created a master template that can be imported into an instance of Google Tag Manager


  • Since finalizing the proof of concept and creating the master GTM template, AZDS now has the ability to enable EEC for its clients in hours versus days. 
    • A preconfigured dataLayer exists that collects all possible data points, the GTM template can be loaded to any container, Google analytics gets configured to allow for new custom dimensions, and lastly, quality assurance is conducted.

“We have been working with Empirical Path for the last 5+ years on implementing complex Google Tag Manager builds. Jay, Jim and their team are easy to work with, listen, and provide near instant support. Could not recommend more!”

-Adam Deflorian, CEO, AZDS
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