Case Study: Business Publisher Upgrades to Google Analytics 360

Business Insider (BI) Intelligence website -


Media powerhouse Business Insider (BI) reached out to Empirical Path with the following analytics and marketing measurement needs:

  • The company had relied on Google Analytics (GA) standard edition and DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) to promote and measure free and subscription-based sites.
  • Business Insider Intelligence needed to track content along many dimensions, see user paths, avoid sampling, access data faster, and ease analytics updates.
  • The analytics team was hindered by multiple, incomplete, and overlapping analytics tools.


Empirical Path Consultants worked closely with Business Insider Marketers and Analytics Managers to execute custom tracking solutions:

  • Based on interviews with Management, we recommended Google Analytics 360 as the best premium analytics tool for given requirements and budget.
  • Audited legacy GA for reporting gaps, including miscounted visits due to UTM and cross-domain errors, broken tracking of user actions and goals, and multiple web properties preventing roll-up reporting.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager and used it to fix legacy issues and upgrade multiple sites and apps to Universal Analytics with Display Ad Features.
  • Tracked custom user engagements such as social shares and follows, page scrolls, menu interactions, slideshow frame advances, time-on-site, and form field interactions, among others.
  • Reported content engagement and conversions by vertical, category, author, publication date, and native advertiser.
  • Integrated BigQuery to enable SQL queries of unsampled GA 360 data and DFP to target Audiences defined by actions and segments in GA360


  • Business Insider was able to roll out new overseas websites with minimal tracking effort and quickly see worldwide reach in one roll-up report.
  • Business Insider Intelligence boosted subscription rates by emphasizing best teaser copy identified via Data-driven Attribution and A/B testing forms based on GA 360’s form field reporting.
  • The publishing company increased revenue and cut vendor costs by utilizing GTM to add affiliate IDs to outbound links.
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