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Jim Snyder

Integrate Web Analytics and CRM for Deeper, More Actionable Customer Insights

Marketers often struggle to visualize online and offline customer interactions together for a more complete view of the customer journey. But they owe it to their stakeholders to track the full funnel. More importantly, they must act on those insights to drive value. As Deloitte describes in their report, Digital CRM 2.0, “The dependence on […]

Case Study: Head Start uses website data to drive marketing communication strategy

Challenge   The Office of Head Start charged its contractor Trans-management Corporation with improving the measurement and impact of website content and applications As schools began to close due to COVID-19, parents and educators clamored for information and advice on the OHS website to support new learning environments Leadership asked the Insights team to better understand […]

The Benefits of Analytics for the Public Sector

With unprecedented change unfolding around us daily, more people than ever are turning to public sector organizations for everything from services to information. This puts increasing pressure on government professionals to gather and use data efficiently for insights about the public’s needs. One area of particular importance in this moment of limited face-to-face contact is […]

Top Tips to Maximize Government Analytics by Expert Consultants

In this challenging time, government agencies are under more pressure than ever to put web and app analytics to work by creating insights that can help their stakeholders. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the biggest challenges in utilizing analytics for the public sector (based on our Federal agency, state university, tourism bureau, and business […]

Using Tag Management to Improve Data Governance and Site Security

Big enterprise websites often have multiple, disparate players managing site data and tag infrastructure, so serving digital marketing and analytics tags is often coordinated through a Tag Management System (TMS) such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium. In some cases, that important duty falls on an outside vendor like an ad agency. Which means that […]

Case Study: Taco Mac A/B Tests Menus for 50% increase in Online Orders via Olo

Challenge Taco Mac has over 30 locations, supported by Olo online ordering, in the southeast specializing in wings and craft beers Google Analytics showed that the Olo ordering process needed to be optimized for the mobile web experience Approach Analytics experts Empirical Path and branding and web design agency 3 Owl came together to rethink […]

Analytics for Hospitality: Increase sales and optimize the user experience

Analytics for Hospitality: How to Harness Data from Online Orders & Bookings Marketing analytics is complex enough for ecommerce businesses selling physical products. Add in hospitality’s particular wrinkles — “co-opetition” with third-party providers, perishable inventory, and distinct B2B and B2C audiences — and suddenly you’ve got the puzzle confronting our hotel and restaurant clients. Fortunately, […]

Google Tag Manager now tracks any click

Want to track almost any website visitor behavior with almost no dependency on IT or development resources? This month’s Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit launched another exciting new feature: Google Tag Manager Auto Event Tracking. This feature allows websites to fire a Google Analytics tag (or really any tag) based on just a user’s click anywhere […]

Split testing boosts conversion rates

As a marketer, you’ve probably taken the necessary steps to collect data about your website. Most likely, the web analytics solution you have in place gives you a solid understanding of your online audience, along with some key factors that lead to conversions on your website. That’s a great place to start, but are you leveraging those […]

Google selects us to support new Google Tag Manager

Empirical Path is excited to join the launch of Google’s free tag management tool as one of the only Google Tag Manager partner companies. UPDATE: here’s how GTM now automatically tracks Google Analytics events such as exit links, form submissions, and time spent. Businesses demand more sophisticated levels of tracking on websites and mobile apps, so tag […]

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