Attribution modeling explained

attribution model comparison tool

Want to give credit — for your website’s successes — where credit is due? Learn more about moving beyond “last touch” attribution by using new features from our partner Google Analytics.

Our web analytics practice lead Jim Snyder was featured in another webinar with one of our agency partners and clients, Seattle search engine marketing firm Point It (click here to see the previous webinar in this series, “Google Analytics on Steroids”).

Below is the second “chapter” of the webinar, which explains how Google Analytics’ features Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution Model Comparison Tool let marketers give credit for conversions to earlier touchpoints (whether campaigns, social media, or search), and not just the “last click”.

Please click here to view the whole webinar on YouTube.

See Jim’s explanation of A/B testing in Chapter 1 here.

Or the new Universal Analytics in Chapter 3 here.

And see below for this chapter of slide presentation via SlideShare.

Please click here to see the entire slide presentation on SlideShare.

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