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Our client, a full-service, integrated marketing firm, helped a Federal government agency drive traffic to its many sites. The firm also launched new agency websites that included sophisticated Google Analytics tracking to segment content and audiences. But only a few decision-makers at the government agency could easily extract insights from the reporting, since most were trained on a legacy analytics tool.


First, Empirical Path proposed a three-day training curriculum aimed at managers of websites that offered information and not transactions. With PR firm and agency managers, we further customized the order and time devoted to specific topics, based on the audience’s existing knowledge and special needs and on the GA reporting in place.

Next, Empirical Path enhanced its presentation materials on key topics to fill the allotted time and address the client’s special needs, which included report features and controls, administrator configurations, custom variables, event tracking, and campaign tagging. We reviewed GA reporting, then customized the hands-on training exercises to address management pain points and leverage reporting features already available for the client’s real data.

We spent two days on site at the government agency to train a few dozen local and remote web analytics users in Google Analytics. Each course – Basic Product, Technical, and Analysis Training – was led by one Empirical Path expert while two other trainers fielded online chat questions, pulled up example reports, and helped students with exercises using client data. The sessions were filmed to be live streamed to remote attendees via Adobe Connect and archived for future use.

Later, Empirical Path led a third session that was delivered remotely to all attendees. We reviewed topics of particular interest from the prior sessions and hosted an open question-and-answer session.


The government staff now take full advantage of the custom Google Analytics tracking implemented by our client on its websites, including creating custom reports and dashboards to segment various departments’ content areas and specific topics in an agency-wide collaboration site. The agency also identified during the training a number of Google Analytics fixes and enhancements that will make its reporting more accurate and actionable. The agency hired Empirical Path for a follow-up training to address new questions and Google Analytics features as well.

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