Analytics reveal voice of the customer

Turns out you can use quantitative data to understand the qualitative features of a market.

Empirical Path published a new case study on using web analytics data as a market research tool to uncover the intents and needs of a not-for-profit client’s current and prospective customers.  Working under the new agency of record for a leading children’s hospital, we explored Google Analytics data not just to improve a website, but also as part of a larger discovery phase of market research.  Not only did we map the physical location of website visitors in relation to the client, we mapped their reasons for reaching out to the brand online:

“One theme dominated the visitor behavior analysis, creating a potential hook for future marketing messages, and two unexpected secondary themes were discovered as well.  The differences in usage among themes – on-site vs. off-site and search vs. website – revealed potential roles for each of the major themes in users’ discovery and exploration of the brand, as well as tactical improvements to the site’s information architecture and navigation.  Geographically, while distance was the clear driver of website visitation, certain markets delivered audiences that far out-performed expectations, highlighting potential targets for media buying efforts.”

Please see the case study for more details on how we aggregated keywords in on-site and off-site page names and search queries to unearth the themes that drove visitors to the client website.

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