Analytics finding spawns award

Analytics occasionally get to see the light of day!

Rarely do Empirical Path’s web analytics findings leak outside of clients’ board rooms: after all, the best organizations use analytics as a competitive advantage and keep insights to themselves.  So we were proud to see that a viral boom that we’ve tracked and analyzed for a client has led to recognition:ASB Chris Woods video award

“In aviation, Vx stands for the indicated air speed for the best rate of climb. Mustang pilot and filmmaker Chris Woods’ Gray Eagles video had max velocity from more than 700 different websites and thousands of forwarded emails as it reached the unprecedented million viewer mark on ASB.TV.”

It’s been exciting to watch our client’s audience and engagement climb and maintain altitude (they are way better at the aviation lingo) as fans worldwide publish and email links to the award-winning Gray Eagles video.  Part of the job of the Director of Marketing we are seeking to serve this client is to plant the seeds for future viral-driven growth in visitation.

Congratulations to Ed and Kurt at for partnering with Chris Woods with such success for all involved.

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