Analytics Audit Evolves

The times, they are a-changing, and so must our key services.

After delivering dozens of web analytics audits — and having them cited as a best practice — in the past three years, this service is evolving to keep pace with advances in the capabilities and complexity of Google Analytics, Webtrends, Coremetrics, and SiteCatalyst. We’ve also revamped the pricing for our most popular offering so that every client can be sure that fundamental website visitor behaviors are tracked accurately.

For instance, the Basic Audit ($3,000 for the free Google Analytics$3,000 for premium tools) now includes a checkpoint once reserved for the Advanced Audit: “Ensure all social sharing tools, downloads, and exit links are tracked.” Many not-for-profit clients — the target for the Basic Audit — rely on downloadable PDFs, so we now test their sites and reporting to make sure file downloads are recorded.

Social media plugins from AddThis, ShareThis, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et. al. allow clients of any size to encourage content sharing, and Google Analytics has a standard report dedicated to it. So we make sure this word-of-mouth marketing is captured so clients know how to get more of it.

The Basic Audit got another upgrade: Empirical Path will now “Confirm that conversion paths and confirmations are counted as funnels and goals for more detailed reporting.” In the past, the Basic Audit excluded revenue-generating conversions, since the Advanced Audit addressed full-on ecommerce tracking. But those not ready for ecommerce measurement still want to know how often the cash register rings, and what traffic sources, landing pages, and geographies ring it.

Likewise, the Basic Audit now looks at exit links, which when tracked can be a poor man’s cross-domain tracking, another checkpoint in the Advanced Audit. Even if a college, for example, is not ready to invest in cross-domain tracking to roll up all domains and de-duplicate visits that span domains, it wants to know at least when domain A sends a visit to domain B, and vice-versa.

Both tiers share the same deliverables: We “document audit findings and recommendations in writing, then review by phone for as long as needed” and “recommend improvements to dashboard layouts, summaries, sharing, and underlying reports.” Contact us for a sample report to see the detail we provide.

So what’s left in the Advanced Audit ($6,000 for the free Google Analytics$7,000 for premium tools), beyond validating revenue, product and item reporting, and cross-domain tracking that connects conversions on one site to campaigns on another? As before, we:

  • “Verify that all active marketing efforts are counted as campaigns for more detailed reporting by channel, source, and creative (see related post)
  • Ensure integration with pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns
  • Study existing or required integration of third-party data sources (see related post)
  • Ensure interactions with key video, HTML5, Flash, carousels, and other Rich Media features are tracked (see related post)
And in keeping with the times, we now:
  • “Confirm that mobile apps, domains, and responsive designs are fully tracked and distinguished in reporting”
So it is an evolution, not a revolution, in what is often our first project for new clients: still a fixed price for every budget, still thorough inspections of all the factors that affect web analytics data reliability. But with social media and mobile at the top of many marketers’ minds, we now go deeper for more clients to validate data gathering and reports for these channels.

Click here to chose from four case studies showing the impact of web analytics audits on medianot-for-profit, and ecommerce clients.

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