Agency partner “Finding Truth in Data”

finding truth in dataOur longtime ad agency partner McKee Wallwork & Company published an interview with our founder Peter Howley on “Finding Truth in Data;” from the introduction:

“Big Data is all the rage these days. It’s also confusing, intimidating and potentially misleading. Not so when you work with Empirical Path, a longtime MWC partner. We thought it would be helpful to ask Peter Howley, founder of Empirical Path, a few questions that may be on the minds of our CMO friends and let him riff.”

The Stalled, Stuck or Stale blog posed some interesting questions to Peter:

  • Why do you get excited about working with marketing data versus other types of data?
  • What are the top things brands should keep in mind when analyzing marketing data?
  • How do you see the roles of CMOs changing over the next few years?
  • What is the biggest challenge you face today?
  • What advice would you give to newcomers in the marketing industry?

On the first question, for example, Peter replied in part:

“I think it’s because there’s just inherently a story behind it: we tried this, and that happened. A client puts out an ad, or an email, or changes a landing page, and their marketing data shows the results. Or could show the results: often our job as analytics consultants is to suss out that story. Frequently with marketing data (and other types), the data is incomplete, so there’s almost a detective element to some projects: how do we estimate or proxy a missing clue–missing because someone forgot to, say, add campaign tags to a link, or put tracking code on every website page.  When you’ve attributed a success to the guilty party, you’ve solved the case.”

We also discuss our biggest challenge: hiring! Click here for job openings.

Please click here to read the whole Q&A.

We previously collaborated with MWC on their Integrated Marketing Symposium; please see presentation here.

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