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There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you dine on campaign data, we can guarantee you won’t pay too much.

campaign-tracking-webtrendsEmpirical Path is proud to introduce another fixed-fee service to our clients, so the “investment” part of the ROI equation is certain.  With our Campaign Tracking service, the “return on” part is also pretty clear: marketers learn which channels, campaigns, placements, mailing lists, keywords, calls to action — really any aspect of marketing campaigns! — work best.

For Campaign Tracking clients, we provide the tool, process, naming, reports, and training to track any inbound link that is used to drive visits and conversions.  Whether you use Google Analytics campaign tags, SiteCatalyst SAINT classifications, or Webtrends WT.mc_id’s, we go beyond Google URL Builder to make it easy for everyone on your team to share consistent, complete campaign tracking.  Whether you invest time and money in email, pay-per-click, banners, social media, affiliates, re-targeting, even offline, we enable you to measure success.

Bringing this collaboration and insight to your organization costs just $2,500 (and even less — $2,000 — for Google Analytics clients).  No ifs, ands, or buts: campaign tracking comes for a flat fee.  We’ve learned from our other fixed-price services — web analytics audits and split tests — that clients don’t want to worry about a consultant running up the hours.  We’ve done enough of these projects to know how long it takes and the value it creates.  Of course, many of our customer successes come on customized projects that the client buys per-hour, but each of these is unique in scope.

And once clients are tracking advertising and other channels, they often want to take the next step: moving beyond last-click attribution models to understand all the marketing efforts that contribute to customer conversions. That’s where our colleague Daavi Zain — and tools like Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels, Google Analytics Premium’s Attribution Modeling Tool, SiteCatalyst Marketing Channels, VisualIQ, and ClearSaleing — come in for custom attribution modeling engagements.

Sick of logging into email service provider, ad server, and pay-per-click bidding systems to find out which campaigns work?  Tired of rolling up rows like “” in your referral reports?  Want to compare all the ways you promoted the spring sale in one place?

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