A/B split test improves landing page

We published a new case study on split testing to improve landing page performance.  A/B and multivariate testing is a great way to make web analytics insights clear and actionable.  From the case study:

Split test landing page

Based on analysis of the Conversion Funnel created in the client’s Google Analytics Profile, Empirical Path observed that a large number of visitors bounced on the initial landing page or otherwise failed to click through to search for a course.  Consultants then designed and executed an A/B test using Google Website Optimizer to identify which variables would ultimately move the needle by driving more users to search for a course.

The original landing page featured the key call-to-action lower down on the page in a regular type size in the far-right column.  Our consultants hypothesized that many visitors either didn’t notice it, or were unclear on how to find courses.

Click here to see how we split tested a recommended alternative page that performed almost 300% better than the original.

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