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‘Not Set’ Landing Pages Getting You Down?

If you are tracking user interactions, either on-page or server-side, you are likely to have at least some sessions that are not associated with a landing page. This can happen when a session includes no pageviews or when the first hit in a session is not a pageview. There are three potential causes to sessions […]

Google Analytics 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Google recently announced the rollout of Google Analytics 4, the future version of its analytics platform. Our analytics team has compiled a few key initial questions (and answers!) about GA4, with more to come. Do I need to start over on the analytics implementation we just did recently? I heard this version of GA4 previously referenced […]

A Better Understanding of Digital Privacy

All of the changes in the digital privacy landscape over the past few years have been challenging to follow. Digital marketers are scrambling to keep up with a variety of issues, including the death of third-party cookies in many browsers, user opt-in requirements for cross-app and website tracking with the release of iOS 14.5, and […]

For Finance Marketers, Google Analytics 4 Presents Big Opportunities

Google Analytics recently announced the rollout of Google Analytics 4, the future version of its analytics platform. The new GA4 integrates innovative features to the core of the reporting suite that marketers in the finance sector will find particularly compelling. In particular, new capabilities — such as more extensive cross-device tracking, machine learning, and a […]

Experience Is Everything: How Financial Marketers Leverage Analytics to Make Better Digital Experiences

Even before the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, most industries were seeing customer interactions shift from in-person and telephone to digital. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, and financial institutions are no exception. When it comes to attracting, retaining, and serving clients, the creation of efficient, effective digital experiences is more important than […]

Looking ahead to the new Google Analytics: first steps

By now you’ve probably heard about a new version of Google Analytics, called GA4. It has been more than seven years since Google introduced its last platform overhaul with Universal Analytics. The new GA4 transforms how we look at analytics by marrying user data from mobile apps and traditional desktop websites. Here are some of […]

How to Distinguish Prospects from Returning Members on your Marketing Site

Differentiating prospects from members in marketing analytics reports is not only achievable, it is not hugely difficult, and is a game-changer for marketers, especially for SaaS companies.  If your marketing site is visited by existing members looking for a login link, you have probably at least scratched your head about how this extra noise affects […]

Integrate Web Analytics and CRM for Deeper, More Actionable Customer Insights

Marketers often struggle to visualize online and offline customer interactions together for a more complete view of the customer journey. But they owe it to their stakeholders to track the full funnel. More importantly, they must act on those insights to drive value. As Deloitte describes in their report, Digital CRM 2.0, “The dependence on […]

Best Practices for Using UTMs to Create Business Value

Part one in a series of articles about how to successfully create and leverage UTM parameters in your landing page URLs and build a scalable naming structure for actionable cross-channel and MTA reporting. Most, or all, of you have heard of the importance of adding Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters to your campaign URLs, but […]

Tracking Healthcare Customer Journeys

Whether you are marketing to a payer, a practitioner, or a patient, mapping and monitoring their progress through the online customer journey helps you discover gaps, opportunities, and pain points hiding in your online experience.  Web and app analytics data alone never paint the entire picture of your total customer experience.  Using those tools to […]

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