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We love working with fundraising groups and ministries that are as passionate about their cause as we are about digital insight & optimization. Ask us about our work with prominent non-profit organizations or check out our case studies to learn how we help you amplify your cause.
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Analytics for Fundraising and Advocacy

We believe “not for profit” should never mean “not for revenue”. Empirical Path brings years of experience working with successful for-profit companies to the world of fundraising, community advocacy, and online donations.  Even when profits aren’t the bottom line, the money still needs to be rolling in.  Talk to one of our consultants today or read case studies about our work with universities, public media, legal assistance groups, urban development associations, and others to reach supportive audiences, drive contributions, and increase loyalty.

Analytics for Churches and Ministries

Recognized for our work with leading media and publishing companies, Empirical Path is well-equipped with the experience and insight to assist ministries, religious publishing houses, and denominations with targeted outreach and engagement.

Based in Atlanta, we are well-positioned to assist institutional religious clients such as the popular iDisciple online publication and the Georgia Baptist Convention, among others.

Empirical Path Gives Back to the Community

Empirical Path believes in giving back and building up our communities.  We are honored to be officially recognized by Google as an official Partner for their Non Profit program, which offers steep discounts on their industry-leading technOlogies.

Additionally, we have provided mentoring to Analysis Exchange, a program where new analytics students provide affordable consulting to qualified non profits, a win-win for all involved.

Case Studies and Related Articles

Check out these case studies and projects where we have helped solve unique challenges facing non profits, fundraising, and advocacy groups.

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When you reach out to Empirical Path, you get in touch directly with our fully qualified and experienced consultants.   Whether you need an analytics audit, training, support, or a custom quote on Google Analytics 360 licensing, let’s talk today.