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Cox renovates its SiteCatalyst

Cox’s helps homeowners fix up their houses. Empirical Path helped Cox fix up its Omniture metrics, as detailed in our new case study: “The site had deployed Adobe SiteCatalyst, powered by Omniture, to measure success in driving subscriptions and consumer engagement.  However, the legacy SiteCatalyst implementation didn’t distinguish key content and audience segments, such […]

Data Analyst brings us Big Data strategy, visualization and analytics skills

We’re thrilled to bring a new Data Analyst aboard our team of web analytics, A/B testing and data visualization consultants: Justin Marciszewski joined us in January and has already discovered valuable insights from clients’ business data so they can make the most informed, data-driven decisions possible. Justin has led our Dashboard Creation engagements for media, […]

Google Analytics 360: have it your way

Empirical Path is thrilled to be selected as a Google Analytics™ 360 Authorized Reseller, enabling us to customize services and pricing for Google’s enterprise solution. Now we can deliver exactly the technical, reporting, and training services each client needs — including services that Google doesn’t offer — in a flexible pricing structure. Google Analytics 360 changed the […]

Adobe Analytics for Government

Challenge A Federal Government agency had implemented Adobe SiteCatalyst powered by Omniture on its website to track usage of information and features, but the reports had not lived up to the expectations of the staff. The organization lacked Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a web analytics strategy. Its Adobe Analytics implementation and configuration had not […]

We’re Mixpanel “consultants who get it”

Our newest partner has a mission we can get behind: “…to help the world learn from their data.” Empirical Path is excited to announce a partnership with mobile and web analytics platform Mixpanel. More than 1,000 businesses use Mixpanel to analyze 12+ billion actions every month to understand how their combined 225 million customers use […]

Analytics Audit Evolves

The times, they are a-changing, and so must our key services. After delivering dozens of web analytics audits — and having them cited as a best practice — in the past three years, this service is evolving to keep pace with advances in the capabilities and complexity of Google Analytics, Webtrends, Coremetrics, and SiteCatalyst. We’ve also revamped the pricing […]

Great year caps first decade

It’s our tenth anniversary as a business — and third as an LLC — but please don’t send tin or leather, the traditional presents.  The past year was gift enough. The firm more than doubled revenue and completed large web analytics engagements for new clients, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and the General Services Administration. We delivered yet […]

Spreadsheets import, visualize & share web data

By: Joan Cole & Peter Howley Measurement is critical to making data-driven decisions, but web analytics and other data must be shared, visualized, and put in context to have the most impact in an organization. Google Analytics, for example, is a powerful tool with good “out of the box” tools to view your website data. But […]

Ad tracking made easy

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you dine on campaign data, we can guarantee you won’t pay too much. Empirical Path is proud to introduce another fixed-fee service to our clients, so the “investment” part of the ROI equation is certain.  With our Campaign Tracking service, the “return on” part is also pretty clear: marketers […]

Web Analytics Wednesday coming to NYC

New York web analytics professionals are so talented, they alter the space-time continuum. OK, that’s not why we’re sponsoring a Web Analytics Wednesday — “the single most popular social network and networking event in the digital measurement sector” — on a Thursday, December 1 at Bamboo 52 in Manhattan from 6 p.m. In reality, Jim […]

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