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Empirical Path solves your marketing measurement problems, so you can make informed business decisions. Since 2002, data-driven organizations like Business Insider, MailChimp, LVMH, The Brookings Institution, Panera Bread, & the VA have trusted Empirical Path because of our industry leadership, technology partnerships, and successes with marketing measurement platforms like Google’s Analytics 360, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize, and BigQuery.

The Motley FoolThe Motley Fool
Business InsiderBusiness Insider
Cox EnterprisesCox Enterprises
Yahoo! Small Business (Now Oath, a Verizon Co.)Yahoo! Small Business (Now Oath, a Verizon Co.)
VA - US Department of Veterans AffairsVA - US Department of Veterans Affairs
Panera BreadPanera Bread
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Analytics Audits

We audit web analytics implementations to ensure crucial visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly. Data-driven recommendations won’t help your organization if decision-makers don’t trust the analytics. And, no tool tracks everything out-of-the-box, so we recommend fixes and enhancements to ensure complete numbers. More about Analytics Audits

Trusted by marketers, analysts, and agencies

The great thing about the analytics field is the brilliant customers and agency partners we get to work with every day.  Here are a few recent customer testimonials:

Closed Loop
AZDS Interactive Group
Taco Mac
TwentySix2 Marketing
Fado Irish Pubs
National Student Clearinghouse
The Motley Fool
P.F. Chang's
Snooze Eatery

"We engaged Empirical Path at a time where we were experiencing rapid digital growth and were looking to build and enhance our ecosystem as it pertained to digital measurement and attribution. Empirical Path were the perfect partners on this quest, helping us implement Google Analytics in an effort to fulfill our goals. They were very supportive throughout the process, giving honest feedback so that we could level set properly, and lending their expertise leading to a successful implementation. Jason Dekyi, Gannett I USA TODAY NETWORK"

"We have been working with Empirical Path for many months and we have been extremely happy with their analytics and tracking expertise. As an agency we have many requests from clients to ensure digital marketing efforts are tracked correctly. Empirical Path has been a huge asset in making sure we meet client demands correctly and in a timely manner. Sara Will, Dir. Digital Marketing, Closed Loop"

"We have been working with Empirical Path for the last 5+ years on implementing complex Google Tag Manager builds. They are laser-focused on digital measurement only (web & app analytics and tag management), which is a perfect compliment to our design and web development shop. Jay, Jim and their team are easy to work with, listen, and provide near instant support. Could not recommend more! Adam Deflorian, CEO, AZDS"

"Empirical Path worked with Taco Mac to set up custom Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager in order to measure key KPIs such as social media advertising campaigns, online ordering conversions and email sign ups. We used the data to make significant changes to our online philosophy and grow our revenue. These guys are smarter than me and helped me look good! Kim Jensen-Pitts, CMO, Taco Mac"

"We have been recommending Empirical Path now for a couple of years to our clients for their more complex Google Analytics implementations. We have always found them to communicate very effectively their recommendations and then deliver quality work in a timely fashion. Great company to work with. Fred Larson, President, TwentySix2 Marketing"

"As someone who was new to Google Analytics, Empirical Path has helped immensely. I've learned a lot thanks to the work they've done for us and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants not only quality work, but also a better understanding of GA. Halleigh Amsden, Fado Irish Pubs"

"Empirical Path has helped us on the onboarding of Google Tag Manager as well as training and best practices. We are impressed with all their knowledge and very happy with the support they provide. Andrea Rodriguez, Digital Analytics Manager, National Student Clearinghouse"

"We have worked with Empirical Path on a few Google Analytics & Tag Manager implementations now and have been pleased every time. Anjanette Bunce, Product Manager, JSTOR"

"The ability to use our existing Analytics 360 insights in a new testing platform was huge for our team. Our server-side event tracking for key metrics like leads and orders is 99% accurate — far better than with other sources. Laura Cavanaugh, Data Analytics Manager, The Motley Fool"

"I want to sincerely thank you for the incredible work that your rockstar Empirical Path Team has done in a very short amount of time. They swooped in and started improving our tagging and reporting in record speed (and accuracy, of course) when we lost our analytics resource. It was a wonderful moment when I got up in front of the whole company to share our new strategic dashboard. There's nothing more frustrating than reporting jumbled (or even worse, incorrect) numbers. The reports are clear, concise and the tagging is much more automated. Together, everyone can understand our goals and what is required to get there. We look forward to continuing to work with Empirical Path. Meredith Kokos, CMO, Clearsurance"

"I would describe the relationship with Empirical Path to be that of a true partner. When working with them, you have peace of mind that the job is going to get done correctly and quickly regardless of how tedious the task is. Plus, they'll be honest with you and tell you where the problem areas are and offer ideas on how to solve them. The whole team is just amazing to work with. They're sharp and very knowledgable in all things analytics and can explain even the most complex issues in a way that anyone can understand. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with them again. Whitney French, Director of Digital Marketing, P.F. Chang's"

"Our relationship with Empirical Path has grown quickly, and they have truly partnered with us at Snooze Eatery to quickly establish sound analytics around our online ordering business. Over the course of just a few days, Jim was able to setup cross-subdomain tracking between our website and our OLO ordering platform, fully configure Google analytics to track more variables about our orders and eCommerce than we would have imagined, and implement as well as test a number or pixels from third parties via Google Tag Manager. We have always received great service from Empirical Path, and they respond with the urgency you would hope from a true partner. At the end of the day, they provided the groundwork for us to develop an accurate way to comprehensively track our online conversions, determine ROI from advertising and make decisions to help make our business more profitable. Adam Porter, Sr. Manager Digital Strategy, Snooze Eatery"

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When you reach out to Empirical Path, you get in touch directly with our fully qualified and experienced consultants.   Whether you need an analytics audit, training, support, or a custom quote on Google Analytics 360 licensing, let’s talk today.