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Web Analytics Reporting Specialist needed


Mini Me, you complete me. By which we mean, "help wanted."

As Empirical Path has grown our Web Analytics Practice, we've realized that we need clones of Jim, Brett and me to more quickly serve clients and respond to new business opportunities. A junior clone of me will be able to find and communicate insights and opportunities for clients from Google Analytics Premium (or Mixpanel or Optimizely) data using Excel (or Google Sheets, Tableau, BigQuery or Klipfolio). In other words, in job-description-ese:

"The Web Analytics Reporting Specialist is responsible for helping our clients understand their audiences, enhance their digital user experience, improve their web marketing and increase their online conversions. The Specialist will assist multiple engagements at all stages, including:

  • Understanding client needs
  • Drafting proposals, timelines, and budgets
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing and interpreting web analytics reports
  • Finding actionable trends and segments
  • Articulating data-driven recommendations
  • Answering ad hoc questions
  • Identifying opportunities to capture additional user behavior data"

Please see the job description for details on qualifications and how to apply (hint: phone calls and the contact form do not allow candidates to include the required cover letter; we gotta know that you care and that you can write).

And look for Jim's description of a Junior Web Analytics Technical Specialist on these pages.

Web Analytics Wednesday climbs Nob Hill


Online marketing, design, dev and other professionals in Albuquerque are invited to the Web Analytics Wednesday we're sponsoring June 25th at Scalo 5:30-8:00 p.m.

web analytics wednesday albuquerqueOur previous events in Washington, DC and New York showed us that the members of the analytics and digital communities not only have a lot to share with one another, they have fun doing it. And our previous events in Albuquerque with AAF and ABQ Web Geeks left no doubt that there is a vibrant group of web practitioners in New Mexico.

Please RSVP by 12 p.m. June 25 here to enjoy drinks and appetizers on us. We promise no speeches, pitches or presentations.

What the heck is Web Analytics Wednesday?

"Web Analytics Wednesday was founded in 2007 with a singular goal: to connect the world's analysts personally, over drinks, to grow and foster our community. Since 2007 over 10,000 analysts and analytics practitioners have participated in these events, in every major city, on every continent (almost, we are working on the arctic regions.)"

Sign up now so we order enough food, and tell a friend via the share buttons at top.

Mobile analytics expert dialed in


Mobile accounts for an increasing share of online traffic, of our business and now our team.

mobile-vs-desktop-pie-chartWe're proud to introduce our newest full-time hire, Brett Newcome, who heads our Mobile Analytics Practice from Atlanta and brings technical and usability expertise to all of our web analytics clients. From his bio:

"...an experienced mobile product manager and Certified Usability Analyst, Newcome leads complex web and mobile measurement and other development initiatives. Newcome balanced technical and design factors for the best user experience as manager of Home Depot’s Pro App for Contractors, Assurant’s mobile self-service app for service plans and Aflac’s first-in-the-industry native tablet sales app. His mobile analytics expertise includes Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager, Flurry, MixpanelAdobe, Heap and split testing. He also brings development skills including: 
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, Mobile Web, Phonegap and Native Mobile iOS and Android apps."

We met Brett when he worked at our client Assurant, where he helped us implement Google Analytics e-commerce, custom variable and event tracking on sites the insurer runs for household names in retail and manufacturing, as well as on mobile apps. He later consulted with us on mobile app tracking for publisher Business Insider using Google Analytics Premium and Google Tag Manager and for a travel app using Mixpanel.

We've evolved our services as phone and tablet uptake has surged, going deeper on mobile in our popular web analytics audits and monthly reporting and interpretation engagements. Brett will help us go deeper still. For example, split testing is arguably more important for small screens than large, so now Google Analytics Content Experiments and Optimizely boost conversion rates on mobile apps, and we can help.

He'll help represent us at this week's Google Analytics Summit, where we expect announcements of more cutting-edge capabilities, as we saw last fall with Audience Demographics and Interests and Google Tag Manager Auto-Event Tracking.

Brett will also bring thought leadership to our blog, newsletter and social media profiles: FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedInGoogle Plus and Slideshare.

We'll continue to grow our team -- we're seeking a Junior Web Analytics Technical Specialist and Web Analytics Reporting Specialist -- and our capabilities in Atlanta, New Mexico and Washington, DC.

So please contact us if Brett, Jim or Peter can help your organization get more from your digital investment.

Google Analytics Premium: have it your way


google analytcs premium resellerEmpirical Path is thrilled to be selected as a Google Analytics™ Premium Authorized Reseller, enabling us to customize services and pricing for Google’s enterprise solution. Now we can deliver exactly the technical, reporting, and training services each client needs -- including services that Google doesn’t offer -- in a flexible pricing structure.

Google Analytics Premium changed the web analytics software landscape with a fixed, transparent price -- $150,000 per year -- for a combination of software license and fixed services. The license gets you enterprise-level reliability, power and security, and the services are implementation guidance, remote support, and training at a Google office.

But many enterprises need more than just guidance when they implement JavaScript to record key visitor behaviors across sites. And every data-driven organization wants analytics to drive site changes and inform decision-makers in the way they prefer. So Authorized Resellers like Empirical Path deliver services that you don’t get when purchasing directly from Google:


4th anniversary brings big news


news-and-experienceFruits, flowers and appliances are welcome, but the gift Empirical Path LLC needs most on its fourth anniversary is more talent!

Every January 21, we're reminded to look back on the past year by the anniversary of our LLC's formation. In 2013, we had another year of double-digit revenue growth and expanded capabilities. By far the biggest news was being chosen as a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller. We also partnered with Mixpanel, Klipfolio and Optimizely.

We also beefed-up a core offering, our Web Analytics Audit, and formally launched a long-standing service, Reporting & Interpretation. Our consultants delivered multiple projects to integrate web analytics data with CRM and marketing automation tools and to ease analytics code changes via tag management systems.

Empirical Path started in 2003 as a Washington, DC market research consultancy, and is now a team of experts in marketing measurement and split testing with offices, clients and partners around the country and the world. In 2010, we changed our legal structure from a sole proprietorship to a Limited Liability Company to enable a geographic and leadership expansion. We've achieved more in the past four years than the previous seven thanks to the addition of Jim Snyder to lead our web analytics practice. Jim cemented a partnership with Google Analytics that has made us to thought leaders and kept us on the cutting edge of the digital measurement field.

In the past 12 months, Empirical Path also:


Split test implementation laid out

google analytics content experiments

Want to take the guesswork out of choosing the best landing page offer, call to action, or image? Learn more about split testing key page elements using the Content Experiments feature from our partner Google Analytics.

Our web analytics practice lead Jim Snyder was featured in another webinar with one of our agency partners and clients, Seattle search engine marketing firm Point It (click here to see the previous webinar in this series, "Google Analytics on Steroids").

Below is the first "chapter" of the webinar, which walks through Google Analytics' replacement for Website Optimizer: Content Experiments. This tool lets marketers listen to their audience -- instead of their guts -- by A/B testing when choosing the right copy, form, template, art or headline for critical pages.


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