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Analyze to Optimize: Putting the Google Analytics 360 Pieces Together

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Google Optimize 360Like many of our readers, we at Empirical Path have been excited to start applying the new tools and integrations now available in Google's Analytics 360 Suite. Google’s new website testing tool, Optimize 360, currently in beta for Analytics 360 (Premium) customers but soon to become generally available, is one of the potentially more disruptive-in-a-good-way additions to its collection of premium tools. As a provider of advanced analytics consulting to leading publishers such as Business Insider and Gannett, we have been helping our Analytics 360 customers put the new testing platform to work.

Recently, a client of ours and Optimize 360 beta participant documented some of their initial successes. Read how The Motley Fool achieved a 26% lift in website conversion rates using easy-to-deploy A/B tests with Optimize 360 and its Analytics 360 integrations. In the case study, our client underscored how optimization is best supported by web analytics data you can trust:

The ability to use our existing Analytics 360 data in a testing platform was huge for our team. Our server-side event tracking for key metrics like leads and orders is 99% accurate—far better than with other sources.
- Laura Cavanaugh, Data Analytics Manager


New at Empirical Path: Big Analytics Data Services

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Certified Google Cloud Platform PartnerAnalytics teams are moving beyond silos, API limits, and spreadsheets to collect, join, and explore large datasets. Today’s data-driven marketers need to address complex questions and harvest insights around multi-channel attribution, real-time marketing, and microsegmentation. Innovative new products, such as the Google Analytics 360 Suite, signal a growing number of customers venturing into the deep end of the big data swimming pool.

Against this background Empirical Path announces several new big analytics data services focused on marketing measurement. Wherever an organization finds itself along the path to big web analytics adoption, our new strategy, engineering, training, analysis, and visualization services will provide the sure footing and long-term guidance necessary for successful application. We provide a range of offerings to suit your situation, from training and custom code cookbooks to advanced consulting on challenges like predictive modeling.


Klipfolio lets us mass customize dashboards

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klipfolio registered partner dashboardOur dashboard software partner Klipfolio published a detailed "how-to" article by Empirical Path Data Analyst Justin Marciszewski based on a recent client success, "Personalizing a Dashboard for 200 Users." Justin writes:

"We work with a well-known publisher of consumer content which manages a network of 200 affiliated content providers. These affiliated contributors submit articles and videos for publication on our client’s mobile apps and website. Over the course of 2015 content providers were asking our client a simple question: how is our content doing? While answering this question on a case by case basis would be straightforward, providing feedback to 200 affiliated content providers would not, and our client wanted to provide real-time feedback, so content could be improved in real time.

They asked us for help.

With access to a large data set containing all the information the content affiliates were requesting, our task was to build real-time dashboards that could be used to surface localized KPIs to specific content providers."

Empirical Path leveraged Google Analytics data captured using Google Tag Manager on this publisher's website and apps, then delivered a distributed dashboard for the  client and its network of third ­party contributors.

We're proud to have been selected as a Klipfolio Partner in 2014, giving us discounted pricing for our clients and access to higher-tier phone and email support. We take the administration of users and seats off of our client’s plates, and pass on best practices from dedicated partner training and the Klipfolio partner community. Klipfolio's key features include:


9 Lessons Learned Implementing Enhanced Ecommerce

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google analytics enhanced ecommerceGoogle Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce has been out of beta since June 2014, giving online retailers and marketers loads of new insights and making life easier for analytics administrators. Here at Empirical Path, we’ve learned a lot helping our enterprise clients plan (see #2 and #8) and implement (see #3 and #4) this complex upgrade. There is much to like in this powerful Google Analytics plugin, and we are excited about the growing number of integrations coming online from leading ecommerce and tag management providers.

We recently asked our team to share their top tips for making the most of Enhanced Ecommerce, including any pitfalls (see #6) to avoid along the way. Here is what they had to say:


Tech group will get to know Google Tag Manager

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A local group of web professionals will be "getting to know Google Tag Manager" Saturday morning, when founder Peter Howley teaches a class on the free tag management tool to the ABQ Web Geeks. Sign up here...

UPDATE: please see slides below or here.

Howley will cover both introductory and in-depth topics during the three-hour session January 9:

  1. Overview (:20)
  2. Tags (:20)
  3. Triggers (:20)
  4. Variables (:20)
  5. GA Tag Options (:30)
  6. Auto-Event Tracking (:20)
  7. DataLayer (:15)
  8. Listeners (:15)
  9. Mobile (:10)
  10. Blacklists & Whitelists (:10)

As background, Empirical Path is one of the inaugural Google Tag Manager Certified Partners. "A Tag Management System (TMS) like Google’s free Tag Manager (GTM) puts marketers in control of marketing technology by easing deployment of analytics and advertising tags. GTM reduces reliance on development resources for websites and apps and speeds up the site by firing only needed tags through Rules or Triggers. Empirical Path’s Peter Howley will train marketers and technologists alike to migrate and enhance tags, share key user actions and traits across vendors, and save time and resources."

ABQ Webgeeks "is dedicated to supporting the growth of web professionals in the broader Albuquerque area. We strive to promote knowledge across all facets of web creation while embracing the open nature of the medium. We are of the community, by the community, and for the community. Please join us as we grow a better Internet and a better Albuquerque."

Learn about Empirical Path's other public training sessions and talks to ABQ Week Geeks and the American Advertising Federation.

Or contact us about starting Tag Management or getting more from your current TMS.

UPDATE: please see slides below:

AAF talk reveals latest best practices

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The American Advertising Federation hosted Peter Howley this week for another talk on digital measurement (see here for the previous presentation). Peter promised attendees that they would "learn how your organization can boost online conversions, streamline decision-making and reduce development effort by applying the best practices and latest approaches Empirical Path uses with clients like Cox, The Motley Fool, McKesson, Business Insider, Assurant and AT&T." He addressed:

Please see the presentation below or here.


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