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Google Analytics training for all


google analytics training albuquerqueMastering Google Analytics doesn't have to be a lonely pursuit; our live Albuquerque courses September 22-23 let you learn new features and best practices from our experts and your fellow practitioners.

We offer four different half-day classes, each combining presentations with exercises so you will leave with reporting and implementation skills and ideas to put into action: how to calculate ROI from PPC & other marketing; how to focus on the most valuable audiences; how to maximize revenue & conversions.Scroll down or click here for Google Analytics training tickets (and note that the Early-Bird pricing expires August 21).

We've become experts in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager thanks to our many years delivering analytics consulting and partnerships with Google. We often deliver custom training to clients at their locations and just for their staff (read about a Federal agency's analytics training here).

Public classes are a little different: instead of using one client's data, we use sample data, though students can complete their in-class exercises using their own data. Instead of customizing the curriculum to one client's need, we teach it all. And instead of being on-site at a client, we will be at hotel or other classroom (location TBD). Each half-day course combines presentations with exercises so you and your team will leave with reporting and implementation skills and ideas to put into action the next day. Any of the following courses can be combined as you need:


Empirical Path visualizes great things with Klipfolio


Does your organization have a report or dashboard which takes hours of manual work to update with multiple data sources? Are you mired in a version-control swamp of Excel files across email, drives, Dropbox and Google Drive? Or maybe you have a Google Sheet that automates exports from Google Analytics but you still need to manually clean it or join in other data sources?

From our perspective, if any part of your daily, weekly, monthly reporting workflow is manual, you’re wasting your valuable time. Furthermore, we believe that any massive Excel document (you know, the one with 30 tabs and is +10 MB in size) should go the way of the Sky Mall catalog. Spending hours constructing, editing, fixing broken formulas is for the birds (and accounting grad students).

What if there was an affordable way to create a real-time or scheduled dashboard that integrated your data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Excel sheets, Google Drive documents and even an API? Empirical Path’s partnership with Klipfolio can turn the hours you spend manipulating data into hours spent analyzing and acting on your data.


Tealium blog features Universal Analytics


Our Jim Snyder wrote a guest blog post for our partner Tealium, "Upgrading To Google Universal Analytics: The Perfect Excuse To Start Tag Management"tealium blog universal analytics

"Without a TMS, keeping up with the latest GA features like Universal Analytics’ Enhanced Ecommerce feature would take an army of engineers to deliver the code changes required in a timely manner. By putting the Tealium iQ™ tag management system on your site first, you can simultaneously upgrade to Universal Analytics while controlling all of your tracking and marketing tags in one place.

We’ve upgraded dozens of clients from the deprecated GA “Classic” or “Async,” and it is well worth it. Universal Analytics (as the name implies) enables cross-device tracking via a new user-ID feature. This anonymous ID also enables Data Imports to join non-personally identifiable user data from CRM or other systems as Custom Dimensions, which in turn can be used to create GA Views. Universal Analytics even allows offline activity like refunds and phone calls to be tracked via Universal’s new Measurement Protocol.

So if you’re going to upgrade to Universal Analytics, why not kill two — or a dozen — birds with one stone?"

Click here to read the full blog post.

Or read more about Google Analytics' Universal Analytics and our partnership with Tealium.

Empirical Path partners with Tag Management leader Tealium


tealium certified agency partnerEmpirical Path is proud to announce a partnership with Tealium, the leading enterprise tag management solution. Our consultants help clients:

“...implement, audit, teach, support and customize Tealium iQ to put marketers in control of marketing technology and ease deployment of analytics and advertising tags. We migrate and enhance tags so key user actions and traits are shared across vendors with fewer development resources.”

Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management, earning spots on the Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies of 2014 and Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

Why are Tag Management Systems (TMS) important and why should you care? The explosion of digital marketing tools to attract customers and optimize website performance has complicated the task of managing and maintaining them. Tealium makes the lives of marketing managers and technologists easier by consolidating web and mobile tracking, advertising and other vendors’ code through an easy-to-use browser interface. As Forrester Research said,

“Tag management is much more than the management of client-side tags. Marketers see its greater value as an effective interface for the collection, refinement and distribution of digital visitor data to digital marketing vendor technologies. We are witnessing the emergence of the digital data distribution platform.”

It saves countless hours by easily customizing and publishing analytics tags like Google Analytics, Parse.ly, Mixpanel and Webtrends. Advertising, Personalization, Shopping and Social tags are also simplified thanks to the 600+ integrations in Tealium IQ’s Tag Marketplace. These tags can share data and interactions thanks to Tealium’s Data Layer and Extensions, which let us capture traits and clicks that used to require a developer.

Tealium also integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Demandware and Magento to ease the process of getting Tealium installed on client websites.

Other key features in Tealium include:


Fado hosts Atlanta Web Analytics Wednesday


Online marketers, publishers, analysts and developer in Atlanta and other web professionals are invited to the Web Analytics Wednesday we're sponsoring October 15th at Fado Irish Pub 5:30-8:00 p.m.

web analytics wednesday atlanta fadoOur previous events in Washington, DC, New Mexico and New York showed us that the members of the analytics and digital communities not only have a lot to share with one another, they have fun doing it. And our previous events in Atlanta with GTUG left no doubt that there is a vibrant group of web practitioners in the area.

Please RSVP by 12 p.m. October 14 here to enjoy drinks and appetizers on us. We promise no speeches, pitches or presentations.

What the heck is Web Analytics Wednesday?

"Web Analytics Wednesday was founded in 2007 with a singular goal: to connect the world's analysts personally, over drinks, to grow and foster our community. Since 2007 over 10,000 analysts and analytics practitioners have participated in these events, in every major city, on every continent (almost, we are working on the arctic regions.)"

Sign up now so we order enough food, and tell a friend via the share buttons at top.

Web Analytics Reporting Specialist needed

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Mini Me, you complete me. By which we mean, "help wanted."

As Empirical Path has grown our Web Analytics Practice, we've realized that we need clones of Jim, Brett and me to more quickly serve clients and respond to new business opportunities. A junior clone of me will be able to find and communicate insights and opportunities for clients from Google Analytics Premium (or Mixpanel or Optimizely) data using Excel (or Google Sheets, Tableau, BigQuery or Klipfolio). In other words, in job-description-ese:

"The Web Analytics Reporting Specialist is responsible for helping our clients understand their audiences, enhance their digital user experience, improve their web marketing and increase their online conversions. The Specialist will assist multiple engagements at all stages, including:

  • Understanding client needs
  • Drafting proposals, timelines, and budgets
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing and interpreting web analytics reports
  • Finding actionable trends and segments
  • Articulating data-driven recommendations
  • Answering ad hoc questions
  • Identifying opportunities to capture additional user behavior data"

Please see the job description for details on qualifications and how to apply (hint: phone calls and the contact form do not allow candidates to include the required cover letter; we gotta know that you care and that you can write).

And look for Jim's description of a Junior Web Analytics Technical Specialist on these pages.

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