At Empirical Path, our web analytics, split testing, and market research consultants focus only on measuring your marketing and your markets.

Our web analytics practice tells the story behind your numbers by fixing tracking, customizing reports, testing pages, and translating data into insights. We make your Google Analytics, Webtrends, or SiteCatalyst, metrics more trusted, complete, and actionable.

Our market research practice takes the pulse of your customers and competitors by synthesizing online surveys, telephone surveys, third-party data, and targeted interviews. When you're entering a market, launching a product, or honing your message, we surface customer needs and opportunities.

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Google Analytics Premium

google analytcs premium resellerCustomized services, flexible structure: As one of the few Google Analytics™ Premium Authorized Resellers, we customize a package of Google’s enterprise analytics software with services to match each client’s needs, all in a flexible fee structure.


Reports & Interpretation

We deliver regular data visualizations, findings and recommendations tailored to client business goals and levers. We also respond to ad-hoc requests for answers and reports using web analytics & other data sources, such as PPC, SEO, CMS, CRM, email, and social monitoring systems. As a result, clients can focus on posing the right business questions and taking marketing actions.


Web Analytics Audit

We audit web analytics implementations -- for a flat fee -- to validate that key visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly. Data-driven recommendations won't help your organization if decision-makers don't trust the analytics, and no tool tracks everything out-of-the-box, so we recommend fixes and enhancements to ensure robust numbers.


Campaign Tracking

We track ads and other campaigns in detail by delivering customized processes, tools, training and reports to clients. Campaign Tracking tells marketers which channels, placements and messages best drive and assist visitation and conversion. You can finally compare email, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate, display and offline efforts.


Google Analytics Training

We train organizations in all aspects of interpreting, customizing, and implementing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager via tailored, on-site or remote classes. As a long-time Google Analytics Certified Partner, we have the experience to teach novice and expert students in all functional roles every facet of the world's most popular web analytics software.


Conversion Optimization

We run split tests to improve the conversion power of key landing, product, registration, and shopping cart pages. Using Google Analytics' free Content Experiments or premium tools like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, and Adobe Test&Target, we design, manage and interpret experiments to determine the combination of offers, copy, art and layout that maximizes results.


Empirical Path was founded in 2002 by Peter Howley, a seasoned consultant, strategist, and manager.  Howley has advised diverse organizations -- from household names to startups -- in mediafinanceretailnot-for-profit, and government.

Howley developed Empirical Path’s data-driven approach while at strategy consultancy Bain & Company and in the MBA Program at Harvard Business School.  He started the Business Research and Analysis practice at social marketing firm Noral Group International.

Howley led market research and web analytics at, then headed the advertising effectiveness product line at the internet's largest ad network.  He has earned Omniture and Google Analytics certifications.

Contact Peter Howley at (505) 856-6131 or via email.


Empirical Path's Web Analytics Practice is led by Jim Snyder, a veteran of web publishing and technology and a certified Google Analytics expert.  Snyder has led numerous implementation, configuration, and analysis projects for content sites and marketers from Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley.

Snyder built his deep experience in web analytics, content, and marketing in development and measurement roles with, Yale University, and Georgia Tech.  He began his web publishing career as part of the launch team for

Snyder's technical skills include SQL, SPSS, Oracle, SQL Server, PHP, and Java.  He also holds an MBA from the Georgia Tech College of Management.

Contact Jim Snyder at (203) 804-4509 or via email.